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Correction: Monologues

A few people were trying to get tickets to the Sarasvati Monologues and finding that March 9 wasn’t an option. Apologies! The correct date for the L*ACE event is March 8. All other details remain the same:

  • Show starts at 8 p.m.
  • Colin Jackson Theatre (Portage Place)
  • Drinks beforehand 6:45 (Portage Place location, if you’re interested: praxis2121@gmail.com)
  • Tickets $10 (purchase at http://sarasvati.ca/season/iww-rise-up/)

This year’s theme is Rise Up, which means that stories will focus on young women, the next generation of subversion, new forms of advocacy and ways women tackle adversity! (Some of the monologues do contain strong language.)

  • Something’s Not Right by Wren Hookey
  • Teen Trucker by Sara Arenson
  • Hide Away by Kendra Jones
  • Black and White by Cairn Moore
  • Who Killed Snow White (Excerpt) by Judith Thompson
  • White Girl Problems by Frances Koncan
  • I am not Malala by Hope McIntyre
  • Plus two original monologues by Winnipeg teen writers:
  • What Being a Girl Means by Hannah Burns
  • Reflection by Sarah Simpson-Yellowquill

Also, slam poetry written and performed by Ali Tataryn – The Entanglement: The Nature of a Woman!

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