Lesbians* for Arts, Culture & Entertainment

Saturday, April 12: The No Bro Show (Gas Station Arts Centre) – 9:00pm host: Tricia Cooper performers: Jen Grant, Katie-Ellen Humphries, Julie Kim, Chantel Marostica, Evany Rosen, DeAnne Smith, Christina Walkinshaw tickets: $18.00

Email praxis2121@gmail.com if you want to join the group that’s going.


Wednesday, April 9: Elvira Kurt: Angel and Asshole (Gas Station Arts Centre) – 9:30pm performed by: Elvira Kurt tickets: $18.00

How you can get tickets:  http://www.winnipegcomedyfestival.com/tickets


Comments on: "Comedy Fest: Women’s Voices" (3)

  1. I think I’ll go to the No Bro Show, looks like fun, anyone else going?

  2. This show sounds interesting. Can I buy tickets at the door? What time is the show?

    • praxis2121 said:

      Everyone needs to get eir own tickets for this event, but You can check the link for info on how to get tickets, and join us in the lobby at 8:15.

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