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Dinner – May 9

Quite a few new people are signing up for L*ACE info. Welcome! If you’re interested in attending a dinner ‘meet and greet’ on Friday, May 9 please email praxis2121@gmail.com and we’ll figure out a good location for the number of people that sign up. 

L*ACE is a casual gathering of lesbians (LBT) who get together from time to time for dinner, arts and cultural entertainment events. The information is cross-posted through Rainbow Resource Centre, Society of Out-Standing Artists, and another general email listserv for Winnipeg lesbians.

A note on privacy: the names of people following the listserv are known only to the site administrator or if you post a comment on one of the posts. Once an event is being arranged, the people interested in attending will get a group email so there are no surprises on the day of the event.

Finally, if you know of artsy and entertaining things of interest to our community going on, please send us the information! We’re happy to pass it on along the grapevine.

Coming soon: info on May and June events, including Pride events.

Comments on: "Dinner – May 9" (2)

  1. Carol Ann said:

    Hi Praxis2121, Can you please sign me up for the Dinner on May 9th…. Thanks, Carolann Leopold Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2014 23:49:22 +0000 To: carolann37@hotmail.com

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