Lesbians* for Arts, Culture & Entertainment

  • Sunday, June 1
  • 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.
  • Windsor Hotel – Blues Bar

The QueerView Collective and ChubRub Productions bring you The Big Fat Queer Pride Party! A Burlesque Caberet followed by a kitchen dance party!!

Winnipeg’s Largest and Most Fabulous Burlesque and Cabaret Troupe will grace the stage for your viewing pleasure! ChubRub Productions celebrates under represented bodies, and skewers traditional beauty standards using their unique, and sexy as hell, body-loving dance and comedy. 

The show offers something for everyone, no matter which stripe you live in within the love-rainbow (or how thick that stipe is!). We’ve got rainbows, cake, tutus, BDSM Spike heels, 12 foot bullwhips, and a sense of humour so sharp you’ll cut yourself. 

Starring: Heather Witherton, Ray Eskritt, Johsa Manzilla and Melissa Granovsky. Come twirl under the glitter, cheer on the chub and let your freak flag fly! 

QueerView DJ’s will be brining the noise with all your favourite dancey beats! DJ’s Fleur, IT, Incredible Thunder Force and Jonny Mexico will have you dancing till the wee hours of the morning!!

The Windsor is a physically accessible space – with bar, dance floor, seating and bathrooms all located on the same ground level floor.

All this for just $7.00!
Advance tickets available at The Foxy Shop and Smitten (as of May 01)

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