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Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art is celebrating 30 amazing years of supporting emerging and established women artists. On September 5, their “Power of 30” show kicks off a month of events showcasing women’s art, women’s artists, and related discussions. The opening reception runs 5-8 p.m. at MAWA, 611 Main Street.

Events take place around town for the whole month and into October, so it’s well worth checking out the whole schedule.

Here’s the general website: http://mawa.ca

And here’s the website for the Power of 30 show: http://mawa.ca/the-power-of-30-mawa-members-showcase-opening-reception/

Comments on: "MAWA 30th Anniversary Celebrations" (3)

    Friday, Oct 3, 7-10 pm
    No need to register, just show up! Everyone is welcome

    Myself and a friend will attend this event. Just have to figure out which bus stop to start at.

  2. praxis2121 said:

    Let me know. I’m planning on going too.

    • Will start at the Provencher gallery first because we figure it is better for parking. Will be there at 7:00.

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