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This album has been described as “ethereal” and “out of this world” by people who have heard the rough mixes (produced here but being mastered at the famed Abbey Road Studios in London, England). You can hear it in person, live on September 14 and 17.

Canadian songstress Sheena Grobb’s emotionally grounding performance style along with an impressive repertoire of original songs continually test the limits of her musicality as a singer/songwriter, pianist, guitarist, and literary performer. With a brilliant Mezzo Soprano voice, Sheena’s songs are underscored by a soothing presence and the sophistication of a classical influence. Sheena weaves poetic subtleties together with honest and simple truths, often recognized most by those who experience music on a transcendent level. The profound kinship that Sheena shares with her dedicated following is a reflection of her universal appeal as a quiet recorder of the human condition.

If you’re interested in going with other LACERs, email praxis2121@gmail.com.

Sheena Grobb CD Release of The Breakless Heart
in support of the Living Compassion Project
Wednesday September 17, 2014
(Previous posting was for the first record release evening, September 14)
West End Cultural Centre
586 Ellice Ave, Winnipeg

Doors 7:30pm Show 8:00pm

Tickets can also be purchased by clicking here:


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