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Ideas from LACE Dinner

Here are the ideas for future LACE activities that came up at (the very fine) dinner tonight:

  • Regular movie night during the colder months (even though we want to pretend they don’t exist)
  • Specific movie: Pursuit of Happiness
  • Theatre night in October and/or November
  • Cabaret in January
  • A movie called “Pride”
  • Thursday evening music nights at Gordon King United in Elmwood
  • Mo Mondays (http://momondays.com/winnipeg/)
  • Another dinner

Other suggestions? Email praxis2121@gmail.com

Comments on: "Ideas from LACE Dinner" (8)

  1. Jessica burton said:

    Dali exhibit, Bessie Smith story at MTC, Festival du Voyageur, Jazz Winnipeg,

  2. Thanks!

  3. Jessica Burton said:

    I do not agree with a ” cultural” group attending any religiously affiliated activities. SAMs and Momondays are church related and so is the United Church.
    Why not karaoke owned by lesbians at Charlie’s.

  4. What About 2 for 1 plays at Celebrations or 2 for 1 at the Comedy Club.

  5. praxis2121 said:

    Thanks for comments and ideas!

  6. just an fyi I know Stephanie Staples personally who is the organizer of MoMondays. There is no church affiliation what so ever. Brad Tyler West an outspoken member of our community spoke there sharing his life story/coming out story. It is open for everyone of all walks of life.

  7. Nope, no thanks won’t support those activities or spaces. Aboriginal and Metis people have suffered to much at the hands of the churches. Will support gay community instead.

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