Lesbians* for Arts, Culture & Entertainment

MAWA Fundraiser

Into The Future Fundraising Dinner for MAWA

(Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art)

Monday, November 10

Waves Restaurant (formerly the LoPub), 330 Kennedy at Ellice

Dinner: 7-9pm
Dancing and skills auction: 9pm-midnight
Dinner tickets: $35
Dance tickets: $10
All proceeds to MAWA programming and the MAWA Legacy Fund

It’s back … the costumed and culinary event of the year! Get your space suit on and be transported into the future. Star Wars? Barbarella? Planet of the Apes? Pick your reference! Dress up, and share in fabulous conversation and a delicious Indian buffet. Enjoy all you can eat, including starters, mains, veggie options and desserts.

Or come a little later for a futuristic dance party and skills auction. Bid on things you didn’t even know you needed! Headstone engraving by Dana Kletke? That’s just one of the amazing services on offer! You’ll be amazed by the skills of MAWA supporters that you can purchase. Beam yourself up to MAWA to buy tickets or purchase them from any board member. Act fast! Bring your friends! It all supports MAWA … into the future (cue spacey music!)

Caption: Space aliens or contemporary artists? Where else but at a MAWA dinner can you look so fabulous?

– See more at: http://mawa.ca/mawa-into-the-future-fundraising-dinner/#sthash.3gFI5bqj.dpuf

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