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The Duke of Burgundy

Winnipeg Premiere: April 2-5 & April 8 @ cinematheque
Proudly sponsored by your Reel Pride Film Festival!

Thursday – Saturday, April 2 – 4: 9pm
Sunday, April 5: 3pm
Wednesday, April 8: 7pm

UK, 2014, 104 min.
Directed by Peter Strickland

British filmmaker Peter Strickland follows his eerie Festival hit Berberian Sound Studiowith this dark melodrama about an amateur butterfly expert whose wayward desires test her lover’s tolerance. Dripping with eroticism and dread, the film chronicles the increasingly intimate relationship between wealthy amateur lepidopterist Cynthia and her newly hired housekeeper, Evelyn. As Cynthia’s demands begin to betray a sadomasochistic streak, Evelyn becomes less a domestic servant than an outright sex slave, submitting to her progressively extreme humiliations with a surprising relish.
Watch the TRAILER!

Tickets available at the cinematheque box office or online:

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