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In celebration of Winnipeg`s Pride festival and 2015 the year of craft, curators Disa Haldorson and Kristin Murray are proud to present: Queerious, Sexual politics and the queering of contemporary craft, a salute to the gay craft of Winnipeg.

Envisioned as a way to connect Winnipeg’s vibrant arts community to its diverse LGBT* community Queerious draws into focus the work of several emerging and established LGBT* artist from around Winnipeg.
Opening reception Thursday June 11, 6pm
Runs Thursday June 11th to Tuesday June 16th

The Edge Gallery and Urban Art Centre

611 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 1E1

Comments on: "Queerious; the queering of contemporary craft" (2)

  1. Hi, I would like to go to this with L*ACE gals if we can go on the weekend or Friday night.

  2. praxis2121 said:

    This won’t be a coordinated event, as the exhibition is quite small. Note: I stopped in yesterday, and it’s mainly intended for a male audience.

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