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Outwords has made some recommendations for Fringe (http://outwords.ca/2015/issue-summer-2015/outwords-fringe-picks/), so a group of LACE gals is headed to:

We’ll meet for dinner in the area at 6:30 p.m.  Details will be worked out with whoever is going, so email praxis2121@gmail.com by July 19 if you’re interested in joining the group for dinner, theatre, or both.

Play info from the website:

By Claire Patton from Quake Theater Boulder, CO

Millicent Gulch, middle schooler and aspiring evil genius, has just declared war on her best friend and wants to recruit you for her army. With the help of Napoleon Bonaparte, a mind-reading mouse and a reluctant stagehand named Scott, Millicent redefines war in this journey through the treacherous arena of teenage emotions.

Don’t miss this rapid-fire comedy hailed as “deliciously edgy” (Fresno Bee), “electrifying” and “a barrel of laughs and a gloriously good time” (King’s River Life Magazine).

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