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Sunday, September 6  *** Monday is a Holiday – get ready for an extra day of WEEKEND ***
Club 200, 190 Garry Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba
9:00pm – 2:00am

Welcome to the 5th Annual Back to School Blow Out Bash – featuring music from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000 – With your host Jonny Mexico!

Check out the return of this Genderfest Winnipeg fundraiser – it is always packed and always fun. Going back to school? Come out and dance! Starting work on Tuesday? Come out and dance! Hanging out and enjoying summer some more? Come out and dance!!!

The DJ line up:
FJ: Playing old school hip hop and new school jamz!
EfPhEx: Playing a wide selection of house, top 40 and 90’s dance. This is the first time EfPhEx has joined the line up and we invite you to come out in support!!
(More DJ’s will be added soon – check back for updates)

*** Want to request a song?? Leave a note and a youtube link on the event wall!! *** https://www.facebook.com/events/1457986657844238/

This is a Pay What You Can event – ($5.00 recommended) with no one turned away due to lack of funds.
Physically accessible space with gender inclusive bathrooms.

OddBlock Comedy Fest: Chantal Marostica

Oh yes, she’s back on stage!   http://oddblock.ca/speaker/chantel-marostica/

The OddBlock Festival (Winnipeg’s Comedy Block Party) starts on the 27th and runs to the 30th. Check out Chantal’s $20 Pal Parade (9-10:30 p.m. at Park Theatre), $20 Gay Bash (9:30 to 11 p.m. at Park Theatre), $10 Drunk Show (midnight to 1:30 a.m. at Park Theatre), $10 The Winnipeg Show (6-7:30 Sunday at Luxalune). You know it’ll be good!

There’s also LadyKillers on Saturday (9:30 to 11 at the Park Theatre), plus a whole range of great events. Check out the whole festival here: http://oddblock.ca

Tickets can be purchased here: http://oddblock.ca/tickets/

Not Just Us: Unsilencing Voices through Art, Speech and Community

Sent by Julie Epp, one of the artists:

AUGUST 14-16, 2015 at Frames Art Warehouse

Friday August 14th
– 6:30 PM Improvising Justice with Churchill Park Improv Crew
– 8:00 PM NOT JUST US Art Exhibition Opening (8 PM to 10 PM)

Saturday August 15th
– Afternoon communal paper mache lamp making
– BBQ in the Alley!
– 8:00 PM Live musical performances by Anna Gutmanis and Justin Lacroix in the Purple Room
– The art exhibition will be open all throughout the day and evening


“Our community has many experiences of trauma and of hurt that bring us together. In this gathering we seek to have people’s stories how they’d like to tell them be heard, be seen, be felt, and be validated through all forms of communication. The goal of un-silencing voices is to challenge ways in which our voices are so often silenced by deliberately inviting one another to be heard. This event will include a group art exhibition combining the works of emerging and established artists along with works by artists with disabilities and mental illness, live musical performances by Anna Gutmanis and Justin Lacroix, Improvising Justice with Churchill Park Improv Crew, communal paper mache lamp making, and an afternoon BBQ! Supported by 1JustCity, this event seeks to be a space for all and a place to have conversation about how we can work towards building a better Winnipeg together.”

This event will employ a variety of artistic disciplines to explore and showcase personal truths surrounding trauma and mental illness.

Contact  aydan8@shaw.ca  for more information.

Art Opening (Aug 9)

A collection of work from some of Manitoba’s most talented portraiture artists (including Julie Epp) is opening at the Piano Nobile Gallery (Concert Hall) on August 9 from 6-9 p.m. This portraiture exhibition highlights a wide variety of styles and mediums, including photography, painting and drawing.

Featuring art by Julie Epp, Dave Swiecicki, Natasha Lowenthal, Joshua Stanton, Gabriela Aguero, Mark Andreus Yuill, Gordon King, Greg Oakes, Klara Piko, Barb Stafford, Sonja Strausz, Arlea Elizabeth Smashcroft, Cindy Garrioch, Karen Robb, Melanie Wesley, Cory Penner, Cheney Lansard and many more.