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Cross-Posting (OutThere Hike)

This coming weekend, Cheryl and Alan are leading a hike at Tunnel Island Trails (Waa’say’ Gaa Boo).

Kendra Trails Guide Description:

This area is a relationship gathering place with 8,000 years of history. A place where relationship is affirmed, confirmed and maintained. Stunning views of the Winnipeg River and Norman Dam can be seen along the series of trails which make up Tunnel Island. The trail also includes several lookouts and points of interest along its path. Many wildlife such as eagles, pelicans, deer and fox can be seen along this trail. This land was gifted to the Common Ground partnership between the City of Kenora, Grand Council Treaty #3 and the communities of Wauzushk Onigum, Ochiichagwe’Babigo’Ining and Obashkaandagaang. Please respect the heritage value of this sacred site, while enjoying the land.
What makes this hike so unique is that Wayne DeGange, coordinator of Kenora Pride, will be bringing some Kenora folks to join the Winnipeg hikers. It’s a great chance for hiking gals from LACE who might be looking for something outdoorsy to do next weekend.
Be at the Tim Hornton’s at the corner of St. Mary’s and Marion at 8:45 a.m. to carpool.  But first, email Alan at alan.a.moore@icloud.com to say you’re interested and to get more details.

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