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Casting Call

Shelley Anthis is assisting in a casting call across Canada for Anything But Average, a Docufactual that Frantic Films in Winnipeg is producing with CBC to explore the statistics of families featuring typical average families and “anything but average” families.

Families like you or families you may know!

The show is specifically seeking out a few more Manitoba families like:

*Married couples with kids in their teens (heterosexual parents)

*GBLT couple with kids or trying to conceive

*Couples with kids who have kids that have moved back perhaps with their kids (heterosexual or GLBT parents)

*single dad raising kid(s) solo by choice (not widower~heterosexual)

*any family with average or not so average families

The show is unique, not a reality show but Docufactual exploring Canada’s family statistics in a fun, artistic and off-paper kind of way.

If you know ANY families who may be interested, Shelley would love to hear from them and can guide them to the website to apply.

Filming starts in a few weeks with production teams interviewing families for the show. Selected families are paid $250 per day with being required 1-3 days with notice. Submission Videos and applications can be filled out at http://aba.castingcrane.com/

Please let Shelley know if you/they decide to go ahead so the producers can keep an eye out for your application with her pre-qualification approval. Also, feel free to forward show and contact info to anyone interested or to any other unique family dynamics.
She has attached more info from show producers for you to view.

Shelly Anthis

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