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Beyond Bechdel

Anyone else need $10 tickets for this event? Email praxis2121@gmail.com.

This is a panel discussion about women in film followed by a showing of “Grandma” with Lillian Tomlin and Julia Garner.

Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, The Park Theatre, 698 Osborne Street, Doors @ 6:30 PM and Show @ 7:00 PM.

Have you ever wondered where the women in film are? On February 23rd at the Park Theatre, four panelists will take the stage to discuss representation and participation in the film industry, in an event entitled, “Beyond Bechdel: Where are the Women in Film?” Following the discussion moderated by Merit Jensen Carr (of Merit Motion Pictures), there will be a screening of the film, “Grandma,” starring Lillian Tomlin and Julia Garner.

Writer and Filmmaker Shereen Jerrett
Emerging Filmmaker Sonya Ballantyne
Filmmaker Cecilia Araneda
Director and Producer, Elise Swerhone
Moderator: Executive Producer and President of Merit Motion Pictures: Merit Jensen Carr

Tickets are $10 in advance; $15 at the door. They are available through PCWM, The Park Theatre, and www.ticketfly.com (URL forthcoming).

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  1. Not entirely sure if I can make it now. I don’t want you to be out the 10 bucks so maybe I should pay at the door if I do decide to come. Does that work? Or do you have tickets already?

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