Lesbians* for Arts, Culture & Entertainment

Steinbach Pride

Pride March for Equality

Group: Festive Get Together

Sat Jul 9, 2016 at 10:30 am

541 Main St, Steinbach, MB, CANADA
United Church parking lot

Beginning at the United Church parking lot, a Pride march down the sidewalks of Steinbach is planned to demonstrate to Steinbach and area that individuals who identify as LGBTTQ are equally deserving of respect and inclusion. We will march to publically state that there are many people who are unabashedly committed to walking alongside all people in the LGBTTQ community until it is always safe to do so on their own.

Comments on: "Steinbach Pride" (3)

  1. will definitely be there

  2. Marguerite, I posted a comment in whoozin, said I could drive if needed but wondered if there are other carpools already going?


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    • praxis2121 said:

      Hi, Gloria. So sorry!!! I just saw this now. Did you end up going to Steinbach Pride? SO many people. What a treat.


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