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Planning dinner

Sixteen gals at dinner last night and at least as many ideas for LACE gatherings!

First things first: A reminder about the Reelpride Launch Party tonight. Here’s the info: http://reelpride.org/schedule/2016/9/9/2016-festival-program-launch-party. We’ll definitely have a group going to the October 11-16 festival. Stay tuned!

Dinners: Details are being worked out for a once-a-month dinner on either Wednesday or Thursday evening, depending on the month. October’s dinner will be on Wednesday the 5th at Bailey’s. You can email praxis2121@gmail.com if you’re going so we can let the restaurant know numbers.

OutThere Sports and Recreation is getting going again: http://outtherewinnipeg.com. We’ll post some details on specific activities in the next week or so.

Ideas for upcoming gatherings: Nuit Blanche, an evening in the Escape Rooms, historical boat tour on the river, Writer’s Festival, theatre, a film night, Poker Night, board game night, sugaring off field trip in the spring, and more.

Information on specific events will be posted as it comes available.

In the meantime, have a good weekend!



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