Lesbians* for Arts, Culture & Entertainment

Genderfest Winnipeg

Genderfest Winnipeg is a DIY festival celebrating queer identity, history and culture via a multitude of media, interactive and community events.

This years Genderfest events follow a theme of resistance and resiliency; how we connect to, and care for, each other; and the ways in which we celebrate and hold each other close. In keeping with the theme of resistance and resiliency Genderfest will link with other events, actions, protests and info sessions in order to boost the signal of these independently organized events – now is a great time to connect with other organizations that are doing amazing work, find out how you can get involved, or just learn more about what people are doing to mobilize. Lets make each other stronger!!

Feb 02: Not a Genderfest event but we are holding space and directing folks to Students in Rise: A Dialogue Amongst Student Activists 6-8PM U of Winnipeg 2M70

Feb 03: ArtHives: Love Letters Card Marking at ArtsJunktion for women in local shelters – 5-9 PM

Feb 03: Not a Genderfest event but we are holding space and directing folks to No Ban, No Wall! Solidarity with Migrants (Day Demo)No Ban, No Wall! Solidarity with Migrants (Night Demo)

Feb 8: She Speaks Sweet Talk 3 – MAWA 8 PM

Feb 8: CLOSED EVENT for local HIV+ women community art project (Evening event) for info please contact SERC – part of  Love Positive Women: Romance Starts at Home global event

Feb 09: Pro-Pronouns: UWSA LGBT* Centre + GenderFest Pronoun Workshop The Hive – U of W 6 pm

Feb 11: Cartoons and crafts a morning event for everyone starts at 9 am MAWA

Feb 11: QTPOC Drop the Mic #5 – a QPOC open mic 6:30 The Good Will,
Feb 11: Pink + White – Dance following the open mic! The good Will

Feb 13: Valentines Day/night Drag’o Grams / VD card delivery hosted by Like That…at Sunshine House (more details to come)

Feb 14: Not a Genderfest event but we are holding space and directing people to Women’s Memorial March of Manitoba: Mmiwg2s & the We Care Quilt 5:30 at the U of Winnipeg Riddell Hall

LunaCity – A cross-community Art & Solidarity installation Muslim and Queers communities – location and time TBA

Feb 23 Different Strokes for Different Folks #3: A Showcase of Local Queer Artists – queer open mic – Tallest Poppy 6 PM




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