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Grafitti Gallery

I’m writing to on behalf of a brand new workshop series that has been started through Graffiti Arts Programming Inc. at our youth drop in site, Studio 393. This space is usually open to the public however during these workshops we are limiting the attendees to Female/LGBTQ2S/Trans/Non-Binary/Non-Gendered folks aged 14-28.
This casual evening of drop in programming takes place every Monday from 4pm-8pm at Studio 393 in the skywalk between The Bay and Portage Place Mall. For the next 7 weeks there will be workshops in Dance from 4:30-6pm with Tracy and from 6pm-8pm, Kaleena will be teaching about Spoken Word and Visual Arts. Jean will also be on site if anyone wants to just chat or use our arts supplies and hang out. Active participation is not mandatory.
I have attached a poster along with this message. It would be great if you could share and post at your agency. Please let me know if you would would like us to drop one off if you don’t have a printer. I also welcome you to let me know if you would like to bring groups past to visit so that if there is a large influx of visitors that we can be prepared to accommodate them.
If this pilot project is successful we will continue this series beyond the 7 weeks that are currently planned. Please help us reach out to any youth that may be interested!
If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know!
Warm regards,

Ben Jones
Programs Director 

109 Higgins Ave

Winnipeg, Manitoba 
R3B 0B5
Office: 204.667.9960 

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