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You may have heard about the atrocities being committed against LGBTQ* citizens in Chechnya. Speaking up and showing solidarity is one of the things we can do. It shows their government that people around the world are aware, and it gives a sliver of hope to those who have been imprisoned.

Bradley Tyler-West and Tara Lee have organized the event. Here’s what they write:

We invite you to come together as a community of LGBTQ2S+ folks and our allies to Rainbow Resource Qube, 170 Scott Street. The event starts at 1 p.m. and goes to about 3 p.m. This will be a peaceful event of speeches, music, and letter/email campaigning to support queer people reportedly being detained, tortured and killed in Chechnya. We can provide paper and pens, or please bring your smartphone, tablet or laptop so each of us can use social media and write letters at the event, to advocate for the United Nations, Prime Minister, Russian Embassy and Amnesty International to investigate and intervene to help those who are being persecuted for their queer identities. Speeches and hosted by RRC Education Coordinator Muhammad Ahsan, Bradley West and Tara Sheppard as an interfaith queer collaboration. Smudge available with Carla Taylor. Email for more info to taras@rainbowresourcecentre.org. You can also help by donating whatever you can to help Russian LGBTQ’s flee to safety by clicking on “apply your donation” to “Emergency in Chechnya” https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/ccgsd-ccdgs/#donate_now



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