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UPDATE: This is not a LACE event. Please contact OutThere Sports and Rec at info@outtherewinnipeg.ca


Check out the Facebook site for the Queer Ballroom Dancing Group if you want to find out what’s happening on the dance floor: https://www.facebook.com/groups/301868696979713/

OUT THERE WINNIPEG Sports and Recreation is putting on a free queer class Saturday December 9th. Get ready to Samba/Foxtrot!

December 9, 2017
218 Roslyn Rd (corner of Roslyn and Nassau)

There will be two time slots
12-12:50pm (noon)

Sign-up is required so go to the Facebook site for more details. The classes will be foxtrot and samba (one in each class or both in a class so you can get a feel for both) but you need to let the coordinator know which time slot you would like to attend. The studio can only hold 16-20 people max, so reply quick to ensure you get a spot. Also, let the coordinator know which dance you prefer or if you want to try both so they can plan for that.

After that, classes will start up again in January (so you’ll have time to spread the word about how fun it was).

To find out more about sports and leisure activities, you can also subscribe to OutThere’s mailing list at www.outtherewinnipeg.ca.

Comments on: "Queer Ballroom Dancing (and More)" (6)

  1. Sandra Bignell said:


  2. u stetter said:

    I would like to sign up for two people – for both dances for the first time slot 11 -11:50… Ulla

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  3. Sandra Henry said:

    I would like to sign up one person earlier class

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