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Info on L*ACE

Quite a few new people have been joining the L*ACE listserv lately, so it may be helpful to explain what it’s all about.

L*ACE is a casual Winnipeg social group for lesbians* d’un certain age. The group was originally started around 2002 to create a space for people to get together and find out about events in the LBGTQ* community.

The L*ACE blog is used to disseminate information and to coordinate groups of people who’d like to attend arts, cultural, and entertainment events in and around Winnipeg together. There’s no membership, no fee, no obligation. It’s essentially run like a drop-in although we sometimes need to know numbers if we need to make dinner reservations. About a year ago we conducted a survey to find out what people were most interested in (it usually involved dinner!).

Information on planned group events is added to the website when a few L*ACEY gals are going to attend something and are inviting others to join them. As a result, there is no set schedule for events or planning meetings, but something is likely to be happening about once a month. Information on events happening in the community is welcomed.

Stay tuned for a Tuesday evening Mardi Jazz event coming in April! Any other ideas out there?

*LBQT+-identifying (Please note that the age of participants is more¬†relevant than the abbreviation, which is not intended to exclude. Based on attendance in the last few years, most participants are LBQ and over 40 – ok, maybe 45 – but the bottom line is that you’re welcome!)

Comments on: "Info on L*ACE" (2)

  1. Carolyn Welsh said:

    Keep up the great networking efforts… much appreciated.

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