Lesbians* for Arts, Culture & Entertainment

Events Information

If you have information about an event that falls within the category of “Arts, Culture, and Entertainment” and you think it would be of interest to LBTQ* galz in Winnipeg, please feel free to send it to praxis2121@gmail.com for distribution.

L*ACE was originally formed about fifteen years ago as an addition to the queer bar scene. (Not that there’s anything wrong with the bar scene! In fact, it’s a shame that there’s so little left of it.) It’s just nice to have a variety of ways to connect with “the community”, especially as we get a bit older and the meeting places become fewer.

There are over 130 galz currently following the blog: single or in relationships, from Winnipeg or new to the scene, slightly older or slightly younger. Some want to get updates on what’s happening around town and others want to go out and meet people. Gatherings are planned about once a month and are entirely drop-in, so there’s no sense of any obligation. Events are planned around what people feel like doing: theatre, concerts, games night, movies, dinners. Come when you can and want to! Feel free to bring friends.



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