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X-C Ski Day at Bittersweet

A group of LACEy gals is going skiing on February 17!

Here’s info on the trails at Bittersweet: https://www.ccsam.ca/wheretoski/groups/bittersweet/

A chance to get out of Dodge, gorgeous trails, nice warming facilities, a variety of trails, and great company! If you’d like to carpool and ski with a group (which will include both beginners and advanced skiers), you can email praxis2121@gmail.com. One group will be leaving Winnipeg earlier in the morning to get in a full day of skiing, but other groups can leave at other times and just meet up there.

Big Ski Day at Bittersweet

February 17 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Celebrate Louis Riel Day — Sunday, February 17, 2019 — by joining us at Bittersweet for our Big Ski Day. Skiers can tally their total distances skied that day. We will add them to the distances of other skiers. Can we accumulate enough km to ski all the way across Manitoba? (490 km) This is a ‘no fee’ event. (Donations would be appreciated.)

No one is too young! (We know a young lad of 5 who skis North Star, and he does it without poles!)

No one is too old! (Salute our 93 year old Bittersweet Founder, who still gets out on the trails that he designed so long ago!)

Ski for an hour! Ski for an afternoon! Ski all day! The distances will be tallied throughout the day, as we stride and glide our virtual way from the Ontario border all the way to Saskatchewan.


  • Course opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 5:00 PM.
  • Register at the Nordic Centre when you arrive; report your tally as you leave.
  • Skier fuel: We will have complimentary hot chilli, water, cookies, tea, and coffee all day … or bring your own favourite power snacks.


Comments on: "X-C Ski Day at Bittersweet" (2)

  1. barbara mulock said:

    Hi Margerit

    I would be interested (not sure about Annemieke). I would likely meet you there – do you have any idea re approximately meeting times?



    • Wonderful!! We haven’t quite sorted out all details yet. Leaving Wolseley around 9. I’ll include you on a group email.

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