Lesbians* for Arts, Culture & Entertainment


L*ACE is a casual Winnipeg social group for lesbians* d’un certain age. Only the women who are part of this group (you can email praxis2121@gmail.com to be added) have access to the information on this website, which is used to coordinate groups of people who’d like to attend arts and cultural events in and around Winnipeg together. Information is added to the website when individuals in L*ACE are planning to attend something and are inviting others from the group to join them. As a result, there is no set schedule for events or planning meetings, but something is likely to be happening once or twice a month, so stay tuned!


Comments on: "About" (2)

  1. Jessica Burton said:

    Your emails can not be read on my iPad, so I have no idea what you sent me. It says so etching about gathering information?

    • praxis2121 said:

      That’s odd! I’m not sure why you can’t see the email, but maybe the best thing is just to go to the website. Anytime you get an email, it means something has been posted there.

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