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Background Information

L*ACE was formed around 2003 as an off-shoot of the original Winnipeg ACE group to plan casual gatherings at arts and cultural events for the lesbian* (LBTQ) community in and around Winnipeg, Manitoba. L*ACE welcomes couples, singles, lesbians* who’ve just moved to our fair city, lesbians* who’ve been here for ages, women who are just coming out, women who were born “out” … and anything in between. It’s especially for those lesbians* who love to socialize but who wouldn’t necessarily be going to the bar to do so, and seems most popular with women aged 40+.
In the past, L*ACE events have included theatre, concerts, dinners out, readings, art exhibits, etc. Events are usually collectively organized over bi-monthly dinners, although information for all sorts of other events may also be publicized. There are no membership fees and no obligations, just opportunities to get together with others when you feel like it.
For the winter of 2014, L*ACE is going to organize a few events for women d’un certain age through this site. If there’s sufficient interest, planning and events will continue into the spring and beyond.