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Logistics: Planning and Attending Events

Planning dinners will be held approximately every two months. The first one will be February 15, 2014 (location TBA). At the dinner, information about all sorts of different events will be made available and people at the dinner can decide what they want to attend. If five people want to see a particular movie and six other people want to go to a concert, then that’s what happens. One person agrees to be the coordinator and contact for each event. If tickets need to be purchased, plans are made at the dinner.

Right after the dinner, the information about the group events gets posted on the website, and others can then choose to join in (usually within a particular timeframe, especially if tickets need to be purchased in advance) by sending an email to the coordinator or to praxis2121@gmail.com. Emails that go to praxis2121@gmail.com are forwarded to the coordinator for the event, who’s then “in charge” of staying in touch with the people who are attending.

If you want to coordinate an event between planning dinners, just send an email with the information to praxis2121@gmail.com and it’ll get posted.

General information about arts and cultural events would only get posted if the event is likely to be attended by lesbian*, but the aim  of L*ACE is not primarily to publicize arts and cultural events but rather to create opportunities for lesbians* to attend events together.